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  • How to Start a Cash Envelope Budget (Video)

    How to Start a Cash Envelope Budget (Video)

    Join Ima B. Cheap in Lesson 28 as she guides you through the magical world of the Cash Envelope System. From bills and variable expenses to sinking funds and savings challenges, this episode will give you all the tools you need to take control of your financial destiny!

  • 70 Meals for Just $25

    70 Meals for Just $25

    Struggling with meal planning at the end of your grocery budget? No worries! This ultimate guide has got you covered with 70 meals that you can whip up for just $25. Discover how to create delicious and nutritious dinners without breaking the bank. Your family’s taste buds—and your wallet—will be forever grateful.

  • Extreme Couponing (Video)

    Extreme Couponing (Video)

    Ima B. Cheap invites you to an eye-opening video where two amazing women show you the ropes of extreme couponing. Maryann throws a coupon-themed birthday bash to convert her skeptics, while young Haley from North Carolina is on a quest to save for her first car—all through the magic of coupons!

  • How to Cook a Cheap Steak (Video)

    How to Cook a Cheap Steak (Video)

    Today we’re diving into the world of juicy steaks without draining your wallets! 🥩💸 Pan-Seared Flap Steak: A Lesson in Flavorful Frugality 🍖 Got a hankering for steak but can’t afford the filet mignon prices? No worries, because flap steak is here to the rescue! This economical cut is not only budget-friendly but can be…

  • 8 Cheap Cars that Make You Look Rich (Video)

    8 Cheap Cars that Make You Look Rich (Video)

    Vroom, vroom! Buckle up for a ride with Ima B. Cheap in this next installment of Cheap 101’s “Master’s in Savings” program. We’re uncovering 8 budget-friendly cars that give off that rich-and-famous vibe. From Teslas to Bentleys, we’ll show you how to make a statement without decimating your savings. Drive like a CEO, save like…

  • Bill Hacks that Make Life Cheap (Video)

    Bill Hacks that Make Life Cheap (Video)

    Today’s course is gonna be a game-changer—25 Ways to Save Money on Bills! 🎉💰 Why You Need This Class 🎓 Life’s getting pricier, my friends! Gas, rent, groceries—you name it, the price is climbing faster than you can say “bankruptcy.” But worry not, my fellow frugalites; today’s lesson will arm you with 25 pro tips…

  • $5 Family Dinners (Video)

    $5 Family Dinners (Video)

    Join Ima B. Cheap for another fabulous culinary lesson! We’ve got a video recommendation that promises 5-star meals for just $5 each. You’ll find delicious, nutritious, and budget-friendly options that are sure to make you the hero of your own kitchen!

  • Living Like Your Poor When Your Not (Video)

    Living Like Your Poor When Your Not (Video)

    In today’s Master’s in Savings episode on Cheap 101, Ima B. Cheap presents a jaw-dropping story of a family with a hefty bank balance yet living like they’re on a shoestring budget. Witness as the father takes extreme measures to avoid spending on things like clothes and furniture. A lesson or a warning? You decide!

  • Addicted to Couponing (Video)

    Addicted to Couponing (Video)

    Hold onto your wallets because you’re in for a thrill-ride of savings with Desirae, an extraordinary woman addicted to couponing! Spending 60 hours a week researching deals, dumpster diving for treasures, and strategizing her store runs, Desirae shows us how to elevate couponing into an extreme sport. If you’re looking to pinch pennies like a…

  • Eating Fishheads to Save Money (Video)

    Eating Fishheads to Save Money (Video)

    Let’s get a masterclass in extreme savings from Jeff, the cheap cyclist! If you’ve ever wanted to vacation for free while delighting (or perhaps shocking!) your hosts with unconventional dinners, buckle up because this is going to be one wild ride. 🚲🐟 Meet Jeff: The Eco-Friendly, Wallet-Friendly Cyclist 🚴‍♂️ Jeff is a guy who doesn’t…