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Cheap 101
Masters in Degree
Use Cheap 101 , and to you   and Time. We search the web for the and sites online so you don't have to. We also include lots of helpful advice, articles, videos and even some funny things to make you smile. In fact, we are so easy, you already have an A+ just for showing up!

Hello, frugalistas and eager economizers! 🌟👋 Welcome to the “Cheap 101 Syllabus” curated lovingly by yours truly, Ima B. Cheap! 🍎💵

Are you ready for the course in savings? Well, look no further! This page lists all of our 10-minute designed to give you actionable, -boosting in a jiffy. 💨📚

Whether you've got a moment to spare between errands, or you're seeking a quick burst of , these mini-lessons are your ticket to Saversville! Each lesson focuses on a specific skill or topic, making it super easy to find what you need when you need it. 🌈🛒

Ready, set, save! 🚀 Go ahead, click on a lesson, and elevate your game in just 10 minutes or less! 🕒💰

10 Minute Lessons by Ima B. Cheap
  1. “Budgeting 101: A Crash Course in Making Every Dollar Count”
  2. Coupon Queens and Kings: Mastering the Art of Couponing”
  3. “Thrifty Travel: How to See the World Without Emptying Your Wallet”
  4. Meal Planning for Pennies: How to Feed a Family on a Budget
  5. DIY, Home Improvements, Assess and Prioritize, Research
  6. Second-Hand Superstars: How to Score Big by Shopping Used
  7. How to Save on Electricity, Water, and More
  8. Frugal Festivities: Celebrating on a Dime
  9. Navigating Student Loans and Educational Expenses
  10. Tips for Affordable Healthcare
  11. DIY Home Repairs on a Budget
  12. Keeping Your Car Costs Down
  13. Treasure Hunting on a Dime: Thrift Store Savvy
  14. Affordable Self-Care Tactics
  15. Grocery Gold: Smart Shopping for Savvy Eaters
  16. Education on a Budget: Learning Without Student Loans
  17. Night Out on a Nickel: Affordable Fun After Dark
  18. Home Sweet Budget Home: Affordable Home Improvement Tips
  19. Fit & Frugal: Exercising on a Budget
  20. Family Fun Without the Funds: Affordable Activities for All Ages
  21. Gourmet on a Dime: Eating Well Without a Hefty Bill
  22. Chic on the Cheap: Affordable Fashion Tips
  23. On the Road to Savings: Budget-Friendly Car
  24. Back-to-School on a Budget: Getting A+ Supplies for Less
  25. 10 Side Hustles to Supercharge Your Savings