Cheap 101: Sometimes One Car is Enough

A lot of people and families have two or more cars. However, when you add up things like insurance, normal wear and tear, depreciation with aging, auto repairs, replacing tires and more, it’s just not worth it.  Often your car is the most expensive possession you’ll have besides your home.  Do you really want to work harder to keep and maintain extra vehicles?  You can only drive one at a time. It’s possible to just get by with one car even in a large family.  It’s called ride sharing or car pooling. On the negative side it is a hassle, but, on the positive side you’ll have more quality time together. You could buy a car that everyone likes and give it a name. Take turns taking care of it. Treat it like a family member and have some good times in it. Go on road trips and remember, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.