Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes

Publishers Clearing House is a leading direct-to-consumer company offering a unique blend of curated multi-channel shopping and free-to-play, chance to win digital entertainment across a network of web and app-based entertainment properties.

Our continued success in today’s new digital publishing environment is built on PCH’s unique, free-to-play, chance-to-win value proposition, which enables individually personalized offers based on the trusted first party relationship we maintain with millions of consumers and is fueled by the excitement of the Publishers Clearing House brand. Sources of revenue for the company are digital advertising, search advertising and the sale of merchandise and magazines offered with free credit and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Data and analytics have been at the core of the PCH business strategy for more than 60 years. With a strong foundation of consumer loyalty and direct relationships, PCH has evolved into a multi-channel media company that combines digital entertainment, commerce and direct-to-consumer marketingcreating an attractive destination for consumers, marketers, and retailers alike.

Through its PCH/Media division, consumer brands and advertising agencies can build direct-to-consumer relationships with efficient and accurate custom ad solutions that generate substantial numbers of qualified and responsive leads in a fun-filled, relevant, and brand-safe environment on and its related network of free play and win sites.

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