Course: Cheap 101

Course Instructor: Ima B Cheap
Office Hours: 24/7
Registration: Open to All
Cost: Free

Course Description: is an easy and fun way to learn everything from saving money and budgeting to being happy with what you have. Today, more than ever, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements yelling buy, buy, buy. However, it is okay to say no, no, no. Being cheap now days is a good thing. Saving more and spending less is the new “in thing” to do. Your helping to save the environment, natural resources, consuming less energy, producing less waste. The world will appreciate you for your effort. But just as important, by being cheap you will strengthen yourself and improve your own life. You will increase your will power, you will be able to break free from foolish spending habits, you will be better able to appreciate what your already, and, will gain a new sense of inner inner peace because you will know that it’s not really the “things” you buy that bring true happiness. The real peace comes from not being a slave to your whims and desires, credit cards, loans, etc., but, learning to live happily within your means.