We work around the clock to find and post the best deals, sales, coupons and freebie offers for you. Come back and browse through the homepage often to see the latest deals. We post pretty frequently, it’s not uncommon to see more than 6-10 new deals every hour. If you are interested in a deal, read the details and follow the steps in each post. Some deals happen in stores and many are online.

There are 3 major distinct types of deals you will find:

  • Couponing Deals – Couponing allows you to save the most money. It is an addictive hobby loved by many FSF readers. Couponing is the art of strategically combining known manufacturer’s coupons, sales cycles, store coupons and cashback apps for maximum savings. See below on how to learn if you are new.
  • Online Deals – Sales and promotions you can score online without leaving your house. Many people prefer online deals due to convenience and time saving factors.
  • Free Sample By Mail – Free samples or coupons for full-sized freebies from national brands looking to have the public try their products. If you are interested in this type of freebies, make sure to check out the 5 tips for Free Stuff Finding.

Popular Categories – Here are more popular categories you might care about:

  • Target Store Deals – This is by far the most accessed page. You can find all Target deals linked from here.  The weekly matchups (everything on sale at Target each week) can be found pinned to the top in pink. We publish next week’s weekly matchup by Friday at 5pm PST the previous week.
  • Latest Videos – See a listing of our most recent videos here.
  • Coupon Database – “Do I have a coupon for that?” is answered by the Coupon Database. Looks up where coupons can be found for a particular brand or item. If there is a coupon, it tells you where to locate it (web address to print or dates for insert coupons).
  • Ad Previews – See upcoming store ads for future weeks.


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