Have you been drowning in debt, struggling to make ends meet, scared of losing your job, buried in bills, or worried about getting by in today’s economy? Cyberbegging, online begging, and internet panhandling are the online versions of traditional begging or panhandling, which involves crowdfunding and asking strangers for money for immediate needs. Get help with money, food, shelter, bills, bad finances, or just about anything.

When you post an ad, be careful, the internet is full of scammers.¬†With hundreds of Internet begging sites online, it has become common practice for web beggars to register and own the domain name of their sites. With free or cheap hosting services and websites like GoFundMe, Internet begging websites ask for help with many things, such as breast augmentation surgery, cancer treatments, new cars, preventing homelessness, and medical bills. A variety of human needs and conditions are panhandled for help via websites with names reflecting their needs directly or indirectly. A lot of ’cause websites’ take donations through links. Cyber-beggars can easily collect donations directly from their websites with services like PayPal and Amazon’s Honor system.