Cheap 101: Do you really need enough clothes for an army?

There is only one you.  And, you can only wear one thing at a time. Following this logic, do you really need 10 coats, 25 pairs of shoes, 50 tops, etc., etc.. The more you have, the more frustrating it can be. Things don't fit in drawers anymore, the closet becomes a nightmare.  Just trying on 10 different things until you find the perfect outfit can be a drag because you have to put it all away. One way to escape the nightmare if your caught in it is to invest in plain solid colors. Also, whenever you purchase something new, take something out of your closet and donate it to the goodwill or resell it on a site like or a local consignment shop. You can probably cut down on your shoes as well. If you haven't worn a pair for a year, donate them or sell them too.  Adopt a less is more attitude and learn to appreciate the basics. 

One fun thing you could do is have a clothing exchange party where everyone take the clothes they don't wear along with some hangers.  Clothes are hung up or folded all over and your friends can take numbers or play games for chances to rummage through first.  All the remaining stuff can be donated or sold.