Cheap 101: Addicted to Clearance Shopping

Clearance merchandise is “an irresistible bargain” with the giant price cuts and the way they’re presented seem to tap deep into a buyers psychological impulses. Some people actually become addicted to clearance shopping.  For them the high they get from finding a great deal is equal to none. The extreme mark down of products to them is so gratifying that they wouldn't even think about paying full price for anything.

So what are some of the factors that help create a shopper addicted to clearance sales?  

The fear of missing out on something seems to tap into the basic needs of survival. This fear is on an unconscious level.  Their emotions starting to take over and a sense of excitement and panic follows.  A sign stating 80% off can trigger something innate in most of us. They want the deals and they know that other shoppers do too.  It now becomes a survival of the fittest sort of thing. They may not even be sure why they jumped at the opportunity to buy a jacket in the middle of 110 degree heat, and, may not even think about the 15 jackets they already own.  The 80% off sign said it all.  It's like winning a prize.  The competition to be the best at anything is pretty keen in most people. The feel of the victory is a triumph. 

Crowds also tend to heighten ones perceptions and validate one's experiences.  If other people are clamoring around a clearance sale, then, it's the right thing to do, right?  A crowd of customers heightens emotions and amps up our competitive instincts. The chaotic surroundings reduces our ability to think carefully and takes away some of our judgement to approximate the true value of what we’re buying. 

In closing, if you or a friend are addicted to clearance sales, it's not a bad judgement on you.  In fact, now days being cheap is cool.  Saving money is the smart thing to do. Some might say that it's better than being addicted to purchasing expensive items at full price.  Just make sure you come up for air sometimes.  Shop around for the BEST clearance sales and don't let yourself get caught up in just one. 

We've listed lots of clearance sales on to help you become a better shopper.  Shop around for the best deals online.  Don't get caught up in just one store and buy it all.  You can actually save precious time by clicking into a clearance sale and then quickly clicking out and going to the next one.  Shopping around will help you find the best deals and may help you avoid the dreaded returns department.